Infrastructure services


Communication Cabling Services

Whether you require upgrades or complete installation service, we can offer our expertise in Structured Cabling Installations, utilising CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7 cabling, as well as Fibre Optics, Wireless Installs, Network Configurations, Project Management & Consultancy. Network infrastructure design and implementation remains at the very core of our business expertise. We aim to provide a one to one personalised service, consultancy and project management.

Fibre Optic Installations

Fibre Optic networks can transform your business with a significant increase in speed and numbers of users simultaneously accessing data such as video and conferencing.

As with many businesses, the demand for networks spanning larger distances often create more difficulties when using copper cables. Increased interference, attenuation, signal distortion, and crosstalk become the much too heard complaints about copper cables.


Wireless Network Installations

Solutions Castle is well versed in delivering High Performance Wireless Networks now critical for all types of businesses. We provide system design, configuration design, installation, security and performance testing, a true one stop shop for all your wireless networking needs.

Our engineers are fully trained to ensure that wireless equipment is installed according to wireless best practices. 

Data Center Services Network Installations

All data center infrastructure services must be reliable, robust and accurately documented. Solutions Castle works closely with you before, during and long after the project is completed to guarantee your total satisfaction. Our installers ensure customers get a detailed installation and a properly documented infrastructure services.


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